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Neuroboxing can improve the lives of those with traumatic brain injuries and neurological disorders including Parkinson’s, MS, and Alzheimer’s. Our non-contact Rock Steady Boxing program directly addresses symptoms of Parkinson's, such as balance, instability, rigidity, tremors, "shuffling," and even depression.


Our skilled trainers continuously vary the routine, which activates mental focus and pushes participants past limited motion to re-establish connections in the brain, leading to smoother and more fluid movement.


Our Paragon Rock Steady Boxing Program enables people with Parkinson's disease to improve their quality-of-life, sense of efficacy, and self-worth.

Boxing fitness for seniors & people combating neurological disorders.


Paragon Neuroboxing Changes Lives!

At the beginning of the program, our Neuroboxing students were videotaped to demonstrate their current level of agility, balance and flexibility.

After several months of taking our boxing class consistently, they were videotaped again. The improvement was dramatic.

In the initial video assessment, Karl is asked to walk while balancing on a white line. His hand is shaking wildly, he is struggling to balance and throws his arms overhead to stay upright.


Months later, in the follow-up assessment, Karl walks with ease on the white line, steadily putting one foot in front of the other, while his hand trembles less noticeably by his side.

In another initial assessment, Tony is asked to take a step over a small stool. He hesitates for quite some time before slowly, lifting one foot over. Then he stops, unable to lift the back foot to meet the front foot.


Several months later, Tony is recorded quickly and easily stepping over the stool without assistance or hesitation.

Learn more about Neuroboxing here.

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